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MIARE Checklist v0.8.0 May 2011

A. Assay description:

A.1. Assay ID
A.2. Assay name
A.3. Assay type (primary/confirmatory/other)
A.4. Target organism (Taxonomy ID)
A.5. Number of distinct genes targeted for knock-down
A.6. Experiment publication (PubMed ID)
A.7. Primary contact information

B. Protocol:

B.1. Experimental description
B.1.1. Experiment title
B.1.2. Biological question description - (including sample description and keywords)

B.2. Assay
B.2.1. Assay protocol and design -(including number and description of replicates (biological/technical)
B.2.2. Pre- and post-treatment (protocol/type/compound)
B.2.3. Bio-material manipulations (including growth conditions/cell culture conditions and if applicable cell separation technique)
B.2.4. Number of cells per well
B.2.5. Compound(s) name (if applicable)
B.2.5.1. Assay reagent name
B.2.5.2. Assay reagent manufacturer
B.2.6. Instrument (repeat this section for each instrument used)
B.2.6.1. Instrument name
B.2.6.2. Instrument manufacturer
B.2.6.3. Type of readout
B.2.6.4. Instrument settings

B.3. Delivery
B.3.1. Delivery type and protocol
B.3.1.1. Percentage of cell confluence (if applicable)
B.3.1.2. Complexing protocol
B.3.1.3. Complexing Time
B.3.2. Delivery reagent
B.3.2.1. Delivery reagent type
B.3.2.2. Delivery reagent manufacturer
B.3.2.3. Delivery reagent name
B.3.2.4. Delivery reagent final concentration
B.3.3. Silencing reagent final concentration

B.4. Silencing RNA reagent (Substance)
B.4.1. Silencing RNA reagent ID
B.4.1.1. Probe ID (if applicable)
B.4.2. Target gene ID or accession number (NCBI/EMBL/DDBJ)
B.4.3. Target gene name (if available)
B.4.4. Silencing RNA reagent sequence(s) (if available, cross-reference to GenBank ID)
B.4.5. Silencing RNA reagent library description (provider/version number)
B.4.6. Silencing RNA reagent type (if applicable)
B.4.7. Unique silencing RNA molecules per reagent pool (if applicable)
B.4.8. Modification(s) to silencing RNA reagent (if applicable)
B.4.9. Taxonomy ID
B.4.10. Vector/Plasmid reference (if applicable)
B.4.11. Comments

B.5. Assay plate description
B.5.1. Assay plate manufacturer
B.5.2. Assay plate type

B.6. Assay plate
B.6.1. Media changes
B.6.1.1. Media composition
B.6.1.2. Time of media change

C. Results:

C.1. Data analysis
C.1.1. Bioactivity outcome threshold
C.1.2. Bioactivity score assignment method
C.1.3. Data normalisation method
C.1.4. Artefacts
C.1.5. Data filtering description
C.1.6. Data transformation details
C.1.7. Analysis program
C.1.7.1. Analysis script description
C.1.7.2. Analysis Software (name/version)
C.1.8. Quantitative data
C.1.8.1. Description of quantified data
C.1.9. Qualitative data
C.1.9.1. Description of qualitative data

C.2. Result Definitions
C.2.1. Data column definitions for assay results
C.2.1.1. Name
C.2.1.2. Data type (float, integer, string or NCBI Entrez database ID)
C.2.1.3. Unit
C.2.1.4. Description
C.2.1.5. Constraint (min, max, range or set of values)

C.3. Data
C.3.1. Quantitative data
C.3.1.1. Unprocessed quantified data (raw data, if applicable)
C.3.1.2. Normalised quantified data
C.3.1.3. Scored data
C. Bioactivity outcome (active/inactive/inconclusive)
C.3.2. Qualitative data
C.3.2.1. Qualitative data


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