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Minimum Information About an RNAi Experiment (MIARE) is a set of reporting guidelines that describes the minimum information that should be reported about an RNAi experiment to enable the unambiguous interpretation and reproduction of the results. MIARE forms part of a larger effort to develop RNAi data standards that include a data model, data exchange format, controlled vocabulary and supporting software tools.

The MIARE reporting guidelines were initiated by members of the RNAi Global Informatics Work Group in order to facilitate data sharing within the initiative. The guidelines were developed in part by an inter-laboratory benchmarking study to identify minimal reporting parameters for high-throughput siRNA screens, and in part by workshops and discussions within RNAi Global. The development of the MIARE standard is a collaborative effort driven by members of the RNAi community. We strongly encourage feedback on the draft reporting guidelines and the MIARE-Tab data exchange file. The aim is to develop these documents by consensus, so they can readily meet the needs of experimentalists who wish to share their high-throughput RNAi data in a standardised format, that allows meaningful comparisons across disparate datasets.


Minimal Information About An RNAi Experiment (MIARE) – Proposed Reporting Guidelines

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